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About us

My wife and I met through an online dating site in 2004. I am from the U.S.A. and she is from Moldova.
When I first tried online dating, I only searched locally, and all the women there were the same boring,stuck on themselves girls that I could meet at a local bar. then out of no where a Russian girl contacted me, and got me thinking, why look only locally for love? Why not try international dating?
I began communicating with lots of foreign ladies, Russian women, Ukrainian women, Asian women ,Latin women, European women, and then I met Natalia, and I knew at the moment I saw her photo she was the "one"!!!!
After an exciting "whirlwind romance " we decided to marry, and have been inseperable ever since. She is the light of my life, and my only regret is that I did not find her sooner! we are truly "Soulmates" so what could be a more perfect name for our site!
We decided we should make a site to help other people find the happiness that we enjoy.
We are not a marriage agency... We hate the term mail order bride. it is demeaning and offensive to a woman who simply seeks to find love to be labeled in this way because she searches for love outside of her own countries borders...
We do not charge ridiculous fees for every email, we do not translate and charge for every communication.We do not ask a million silly questions and only show you people who answered the same things like some sites do. We believe people should be free to search without boundries and find their own love...
Finding your Soulmate, and your destiny is all in your own hands here.
We offer not just a typical boring dating site, but an exciting online dating community where singles from all over the world can meet and mingle and pursue a relationship of their own choosing!

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